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Sharon Millstein

Sharon Millstein
International Consultant

Friends Can Advise You,
Numerology Directs You!

I would like to help remind you of your purpose and direction with a psychic reading using numerology.

• Psychic Counselor

• Public Speaker

• Numerologist

• Clairvoyant

• Intuitive

• Healer

Readings by phone or in-person
Taos, NM 758-9665

Toll Free outside Taos (U.S. only)
Shaon Millstein Psychic Readings
Phone Readings start at $45.00. If you sign up for
a 20 minute reading you get an additional 3 minutes for free.

over 30 years experience.
Radio Personality

YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND. You come into this world with gifts and challenges and a purpose.

Using Numerology, I take your date of birth and/or birth name and arrive at the reason that your soul chose to come to "Classroom Earth".

I use numerology as a vehicle to see psychically, to give direction and remind you of your purpose.

I am a healer. I can help you remove the blocks that are keeping you from your destiny, so that you don't repeat the same old patterns.

Numbers are as old as the universe. Numerology is a science of numbers and was employed in building the great pyramids in Egypt as well as in Greece, Rome & China. It is found in the ancient books of wisdom, such as the Hebrew Kaballa & the writings of Pythagoras.

Our mission on earth is to develop spirituality. We are meant to trust the process of life. We are here to love unconditionally and to support one another. When we do this we are obtaining a high conscience level. Numerology can help you plot a course of positive action in your life, with love, health, money and business/career.

Although Sharon Millstein is a talented psychic, her readings are ment for entertainment purposes only!  She will not take responsibility for any action you take that you derive from her advice.

Numerologist & Psychic Counselor
Readings by phone or in-person.

TAOS, NM: 758-9665

toll free outside taos (U.S. only):

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